Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tidy Manicure - the best visiting card of a stylish lady.

Today we want to raise a problem concerning manicure. If it is made carefully and according to the rules, this beauty treatment makes hands look really gorgeous. It's a pity that many fashion bloggers neglect manicure. They pay more attention to clothes, shoes and accessories. But the whole look can be spoilt by untidy nails with a peeled off polish.

It depends on your taste whether to make manicure with artificial nails or put in order your natural nails, mainly it should look tidy. But we are all for natural beauty, you know, nothing can be as beautiful and unique as well-groomed natural beauty.
Choose the shape of nails that suits you. Forget about who wears what and discover that special nail shape that flatters you and makes you feel better.
Basically, there are four main types of nail shape: round, square, oval and pointed. Square nails look great on narrow, long fingers, while pointed nails flatter smaller hands and fingers. If you have short nails, opt for a round shape, while oval is universally flattering, but it mostly flatters wide, short fingers. If your nails have different shapes, square is the best. There is also another shape called squoval that works on short, wide fingers or big, long fingers.
A well-chosen nail shape helps you obtain a more delicate look for your hands.
You, girls, should be fabulous ladies from top to toe! :)


  1. I totally agree with you: a bad manicure can ruin any glam outfit!!

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  6. Thank so much for these tips! I love nail polishes and I love doing my own manicure, and I´m obsessed with the gold OPI nail polish you featured!

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  7. nice tips:) and I agree with your opinion!

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  9. A good manicure is totally necessary dear *.* for sure! kisses,

  10. Ugly, chipped nails and painted, dry cuticles give me the creeps, YIKES! It's a pity not every woman understands about the importance a good manicure;) XO

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