Saturday, February 15, 2014

Persunmall Wishlist

Hello, guys!
Today I want to show you my wish list for spring from Persunmall. And what about you? Do you decide what role you will play on new season?

1. Bag. Blue bag will be combine with many clothes in light colour and looks good in black looks too.
2. Hoodie. I dream about sweatshirt for a long time but I still can not find the right for me. Till now, because this hoodie is perfect! White and blue colours plus print with sky.

3. Shirt. As you now purple orchid is the colour of this year. So, it is a good opportunity to have shirt in this colour.

4. Dress. Bright and pink dress will help you smile and looks perfect in spring parties. 
5. Vest. This is one of my favourite things. It is white, classy and elegant at the same time. You  can combine it with jeans, white pants and pencil skirt, ets. It will look perfect with every thing.
6. Dress. If you read Vogue magazine you now that in spring will be very popular clothe that closed less than show. So, this dress in 100% in tend. 


  1. Cool selection,love the last dress :)

    What about following each other, just let me know on my blog?!

  2. love the sky sweater

  3. Lovely wishlist ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
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  4. Very cute items! :D Great blog too! :) Come visit mine too sometime ^_^ It would be highly appreciated if you could leave a comment letting me know what you think about it :))
    Keep in touch!

  5. платье очень красивое!

  6. интересная подборка, но я просто влюбилась в эту сумочку небесно-голубого цвета!

    очень понравился Ваш блог ;)



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